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Industrial Connectivity

From remote troubleshooting to data collection from the factory floor, Ewon's solutions have shown that successful remote connectivity to a machine has fast ROI across all industries. 

Underwoods are a UK based distributor of Ewon Industrial routers and can help your business make the most out of Remote Access technology. 

On-Demand Remote Connectivity

Ewon is a leading player in the intelligent internet-based Remote Access products market. Their cutting-edge technological expertise, combined with excellent knowledge for connecting automation devices and systems to Industrial Networks makes them the perfect choice to further your IoT and digital transformation strategies.

Together, Underwoods and Ewon can break down the barrier between IoT applications and IT standards and securly connect more industrial machinery to the internet, enabling easy Remote Access to gather all types of technical data originating from your plants, machine and systems. 

Ewon Talk2m Software Update

HMS have received a report of a potential security risk and so are recommending that all Talk2M users update their software to a minimum of version 6.5.5, to get the latest features and security updates. 

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Key Advantages for Factory IT Acceptance

By balancing both security and ease of use, Ewon creates best-in-class remote solutions that work for both users and IT managers. 

Firewall Friendly:

As no incoming connections are made to the device, there is no need to change firewall settings, routing policies, open ports or add exceptions. Little to no IT involvement is required. Ewon devices initiate a VPN tunnel to their Industrial Cloud VPN Servers by making an outbound connection across the factory LAN using ports that are commonly enabled (HTTPS port 443 or UDP port 1194). 

Key Switch:

Thanks to the use of a Key Switch or HMI button, to the Ewon device's digital input, the end user keeps full local control of whether the device is remotely accessible or not. 

Multi-Factor Authentication:

Along with the Username/Password, you can add a second layer of security with a key sent by SMS that changes at each login. 

Need a copy of the ISMS Certification?

The engineers behind Talk2M, Ewon's industrial cloud solution, are regularly audited to ensure the highest security level of all Ewon platforms, and to offer the most secure solution with confidentiality, integrity, and availability in perfect balance.

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