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Strain Relief Cable Glands

Over the years, the SKINTOP® cable gland product line has grown and evolved in many ways. With a product offering that spans both polyamide and metallic options suitable for EMI and even explosive environments, it is possible to find a gland for virtually any industrial application.

Securing your connection

The SKINTOP® collection of strain resistant cable glands from LAPP offer a secure connection in a matter of seconds, allowing you to meet the most stringent demands of safety and operational reliability. These cable glands can be used in panels, switches, control boxes, submersible pumps, and many other machine tool applications. 

Available in either Nylon or Nickel plated brass, with metric or PG threads, these rugged cable glands offer many advantages over conventional stuffing glands. ​Furthermore, ATEX approved & halogen free versions are also available with IP ratings up to IP68 & IP69K. 

As a result, the LAPP INOX SKINTOP®  is ideal for use in hygiene critical applications and is able to withstand even the harshest cleaning procedures with high pressure cleaners and hot water. The glands are exposed to 80°C water vapour and 100 bars pressure from various directions at a close distance.

ST-M / STR-M (Nylon Glands)

The ST-M & STR-M is an oil-resistant, Nylon cable gland with variable clamping ranges. 

Its unique patented anti-vibration lock offers permanent vibration protection and, due to their high IP rating (IP68 & IP69K),  can be used in a variety of dry or wet industrial environments. 

CLICK / CLICK-R (Quick-Fit)

The CLICK & CLICK-R plastic cable gland with time-saving CLICK system is one of the most innovative cable insertion systems on the market which provides a fast, flexible assembly. 

This results in a fixed, centred, strain-relieved fitting with the maximum protection class in a few seconds. The CLICK-R comes with a reduction sealing insert for sealing smaller cable diameters. 

MS-M / MSR-M (Nickel Glands)

The MS-M & MSR-M are nickel-plated brass cables glands with metric connecting thread, 

Now with a rating of IP69K, ithe INOX range is designed to withstand the harshest cleaning procedures & high pressure washers used in hygiene critical industries. 

MS-SC-M / MS-SC-M-XL (EMC Glands)

The MS-SC-M Screen Connection is the ideal gland for all copper screened cables. With the MS-SC-M the cable is centred, attached, strain relieved and hermetically sealed to IP68 in a single step. 

The MS-SC-M-XL is a variant for panels or housings with a larger wall thickness as these glands have a longer connection thread.

Food for thought

There are few industries as multifaceted and demanding as the Food and Beverage industry, as a result the strict hygiene and cleanliness requirements that all plant & equipment are subject to. To cater to this, LAPP has developed cables, connectors, glands and other accessories perfectly suited to the F&B industry.   


Cable bushing systems are extremely convenient as they allow multiple cables to be inserted in one compact solution, saving a great deal of space, especially where installation dimensions are limited. However, when mounting cables and conductors in multiple entries pre-pricking is usually necessary for the feed-through of cables and conductors. This means not only additional installation work but also a potential risk factor for the safe sealing of the cables.

To combat this, the SKINTOP MULTI-M features a highly elastic gel component which makes it possible to insert cables without the need for pre-pricking. It can accommodate any cable with variable outside diameters of 2-6mm. The gel is firmly connected to a plastic outer shell which has a multiple feed-through points. Thanks to the material's high elasticity, the conductors can be routed directly without having to pierce the gel beforehand. The gel adapts optimally to the cable diameter and thus guarantees an IP rating of IP68. 

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