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Specialist Cable Harnessing

With ÖLFLEX Connect everything is possible - from customised cable assemblies to industry standard servo connections for motion applications right through to sophisticated high-speed cable chain systems. 

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LAPP Systems UK brings over 30 years of combined experience with its Cable Harnessing Wiring Looms service.  The ÖLFLEX® CONNECT offering provides an extensive selection of custom cable or industry standard servo assemblies right throut to complex drag chain applications. 

From engineering and design to customer specific testing, delivery or on-site installation to small batch sizes or series production. Whatever the case, LAPP & Underwoods have got you covered. 

1. Highly Flexible Cables 

2. Cutting and crimping 

3. Cable marking

4. Industrial connectors

5. Servo cables 

6. Pneumatic hoses 

7. Hydraulic hoses 

8. Protective conduits 

9. Drag chains & accessories


LAPP has the solution for flexing and static cable assemblies which are ideal for interconnection in high-motion applications such as multi-axis machines. There is a choice of three peformance classes for servo cables, connectors with standard interlocking screws or rapid interlocking variants, as well as overmolded assemblies. 

For added protection, all servo cables come with an innovative shielded design as the cable's shielding is crimped between two metallic shells which cover the entire housing, thus guaranteeing 360° EMC screening. 

You can also select your assembly using the new Servo Configurator, located below, now including standards from SIEMENS®, LENZE®, ROCKWELL®, INDRAMAT® & SEW®.

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The ÖLFLEX® CONNECT, portfolio is the collection of eight high-quality brands that has been amalgamated together to form one a strong, turn-key solution. So if you are looking for a sophisticated & cost-effective connectivity solution tailored to you - choose ÖLFLEX® CONNECT.


When it comes to assembled cable chain, you can reduce system failures often caused by improper cable installations by using LAPPs cable chain systems that are rigorously tested to guarantee hassle-free operation. 

Cable chain systems from LAPP include chains made of nylon or steel with highly flexible cables, cable protection conduits, a choice of hydraulic or pneumatic hoses including termination options and functional units such as towing arms or supporting structures.

Nylon Cable Chain

Cable chains made from nylon (polyamide PA 6) for self-supporting or sliding applications or applications with circular motion.. 

  • Open or fully closed design available
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications

Steel Cable Chain

Cable chains made of steel (galvanized steel or stainless steel) for standard self-supporting, sliding applications or applications with circular motion. 

  • Ideal for more demanding environments (e.g. extreme temperatures, hot chips, etc).
  • Open or fully closed design available.

Combined Cable Chain

Cable chains made of combined materials (e.g. nylon sidebands with aluminum frames or covers, etc.) for unique extraordinary requirements

  • Combination of nylon, aluminum or steel parts capable of withstanding harsh environments
  • Increased chain lifetime while maintaining optimal cost

Cable Chain made for you

With more than 1,000 power, control & data cables as well over 2000 types of cable chain, selecting the best solution for your specific application requirements can be a difficult task. 

But the OLFLEX CONNECT cable chain configurator makes designing your ideal cable chain assembly that much easier. Never suffer from a weak link in your chain assembly again. 

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