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Versatile Connecting & Control Cables

In 1959, the very first control cable designed with colour-coded wires was born. Today, ÖLFLEX connecting and control cables are some of the most widely used in the world. 

Power & Control

ÖLFLEX has become one of the most reowned power and control cables throughout the global manufacturing industry. These flexible and oil-resistant cables from LAPP can satisfy numerous application scenarios, fulfill the most demanding requirements for electrical and mechanical properties, and withstand even the toughest environmental conditions. 

Cabling designed for multiple industres including: 

1. Machine Tools  

2. Food & Beverage  

3. Automotive

4. Material Handling Equipment 

5. Chemical & Petrochemical 

6. Robotics applications

SY Cable

Galvanised steel braided multicore PVC SY cable for additional mechanical protection. Available in Number-coded or Colour-coded core identification. 

  • Made of plain electrolytic fine copper wire strands 
  • Comes with PVC-based conductor insulation. 

CY Cable

Copper braided multicore PVC CY cable for protection against electrical interference. Suitable where a high degree of circuit integrity and where interference can prevent accurate signal transmission in low or medium voltage installations. 

  • Particularly efficient in EMC critical installations.
  • Ideal for use where free movement is required without tensile stress

YY Cable

Multicore PVC YY cable ideally suited for use in control, signal & power cabling applications. Available in Number-coded or Colour-coded core identification. 

  • Tough external sheathing resistant to acids, caustic solutions & various oils. 
  • High flexibility ensures easy installation 

Cable Chain made for you

With more than 1,000 power, control & data cables as well over 2000 types of cable chain, selecting the best solution for your specific application requirements can be a difficult task. 

But the OLFLEX CONNECT cable chain configurator makes designing your ideal cable chain assembly that much easier. Never suffer from a weak link in your chain assembly again. 

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