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Effortlessly Unwind your Cable Drums

Do you find the manual unwinding of cables, often from cumbersome cable drums, tiresome & time-consuming?

Lapp has an unrivalled reputation for the production of cables, glands, connectors & harnesses to the highest levels of quality & precision, and the Champion drum dispenser is no different. 


Don't feel the strain when unwinding your cable drums

There is naturally a huge demand for cable drum dispensers, which has created an aggressively competitive environment whereby manufacturers aim to produce the most commercially attractive dispenser possible. 

Unfortunately, if you buy cheap - you buy twice

The most common problem with existing drum dispensers on the market is that their lightweight/streamlined designs lead to structural weaknesses including:

  • Breakage to the dispenser frame
  • Deformity to the carrier rollers
  •  Quick degradation of the rubber feet
  • Mechanical unreliability

Fortunately, LAPP have produced the new market leading CHAMPION drum dispenser

Universal Drum Dispenser

When uncoiling cables from the drum, do you find that cables can kink & leave you all tied up in knots? With the Champion, you can gently unwind even the most sensitive cables. For further details, download the product information sheet here. 

The CHAMPION among drum dispensers

If you find handling large cable drums hard work & even sometimes a safety hazard, the LAPP CHAMPION will make cable drum unwinding a much easier and safer process.

It effortlessly accepts small spools from 15 cm or drums with a flange diameter of up to 90 cm. Despite its ability to carry load capacity of up to 200 kg, the CHAMPION's hybrid glass fibre reinforced polyamide & extruded aluminium frame makes it an impressively light-weight solution. 

 The drum dispenser is available in two different models - Champion 52 or Champion 67. Depending on the model, the product is suitable for different drum widths of up to a maximum of 52 or 67 cm. 

For further stability, the LAPP Champion is equipped with support rollers that are break-proof and easy to adjust. They can also be supplied with swivel castors for greater flexibility. 

Unwind your Cable Drums Like a Champion

You can win your very own LAPP Champion with the joint competition that we are running with our partners at LAPP UK.

All you have to do is like our post on Linkedin and comment which cable you would use the Champion drum dispenser for.  

Follow the link below to enter and never struggle with unwinding large cable drums ever again. 

Champion Cable Unwinding

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