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Superfast Fibre-optic Cables

The LAPP optical transfer media are unbeatably fast and secure when transferring large amounts of data in inter-office communication as well as in industry. 

They ensure superfast data transfer which is completely free of interference and is protected against monitoring. Not even electromagnetic interference can affect a HITRONIC cable. 

Fast & Reliable Data Transmission

With increased demands for manufacturing plants to operate more efficiently, Fibre-optic cables are becoming ever more present in the industrial environment, as they are immune to electromagnetic interference and provide outstanding bandwidth.

The HITRONIC range from LAPP contains a range of super-fast fibre-optic cables for safe data transfer in industrial environments. Available in POF (Polymer Optical Fibre), PCF (Plastic Cladded Fibre) or GOF (Glass Optical Fibre) designs, in simplex, duplex and hybrid versions, as well as in a highly-flexible design for cable chain applications. 

Interference-free data transmission at the speed of light. 

GOF - Glass Optical Fibre

With fibres made of pure quartz glass and are available in different versions, OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4, for indoor and outdoor applications. Other formats include cables which can be reeled and those that have a halogen-free construction.

Other options available include: 

  • HQN outdoor cabling with central buffer tube
  • HUN universal series with flame retardant non-corrosive sheath
  • HDH breakout cable for direct connector assembly
  • FD series for powerchain applications

POF - Polymer Optical Fibre & PCF - Plastic Cladded Fibre

There is no lower cost or more versatile fibre-optic cable than the polymer optical fibre. Both the fiber core and the cladding is manufactured from a polymer with simplex and duplex versions available. 

Whereas, the fibres within the PCF cabling are made of glass with an additional layer of plastic cladding to ensure that the optical waves remain within the core. The Plastic Cladded Fibre cables also come in both a simplex and duplex version. 

Other options for PROFINET applications type B or C include: 

  • POF duplex cable with PUR sheath
  • PCF duplex cable with PUR or PCV sheath

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