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Robust Industry Connectors

The EPIC® range of rectangular and circular connectors are ideal for use in any machine, plant engineering or drive technology application. The flexible system from LAPP consists of casings, inserts, contacts and accessories which are perfectly suited to all requirements. 

Connection for Industry

The most important considerations for selection a heavy duty connector are evaluating  their electrical characteristics, mechanical characteristics and the materials from which they are manufactured.

The heavy duty EPIC® connector range from LAPP provides safe connection and disconnection of electrical power or signals within robust housings, are suitable for use in hostile environments whether the application be power, control, signal or data communication.

EPIC® connectors excel in applications where flexibility, reliability and durability are key. LAPP Industrial Connectors include advanced technology that relieves strain, guards contacts from external damage, and insures a stable mount. 

Furthermore, the power and signal circular connectors are specially designed for use on servo motors and servo harnessing as well as applications involving measurement and control technology. 

Connecting Industry

The EPIC Industrial connectors range has numerous connector options to cater for any application so if you are struggling to determine which connector you need, use this handy selection guide to find the right connector for you.  


The EPIC® series of rectangular connectors offer 11 different contact insert types and 2 housing series sizes to handle application requirements up to 1000 volts, 82 amps, and from 3 to 280 contacts. 

The various components of the heavy-duty connector range can be purchased individually and are assembled based upon a modular principle. The wide range of housing sizes and various options for inserts & contacts make it possible to design the ideal connector for your specific application. 

Cable Gland 

  • The cable gland provides a seal between the cable and the connector housing


  • The connector housing for the cable entry 

Male Insert

  • Types of contact termination including; Screw, Crimp or Cage Clamp

Female Insert 

  • Types of contact termination including; Screw, Crimp or Cage Clamp


  • Panel mounting or Surface mounting or Cable Connector Hood

EPIC® H-A/ HD / H-BE Inserts

A range fof inserts suitable for all EPIC® rectangular connector housings from 3 pin contacts up to 64, dependent on your voltage and current requirements. 

 EPIC® H-B Housings

The rectangular connector housings are available as a hood, panel base housing, surface base housing and cable coupler hood. The housings are manufactured from various material types. 

MC Modular

The MC modular connector series can be custom-configured to meet application requirements by combining a variety of standard plug-and-play modules within various size support frames.

Configurations include contacts for power and control, thermocouple contacts, pneumatic modules and data modules for PROFIBUS & Ethernet. 

Looking for 3D Cad Data ?

If you are looking for 3D CAD data for either the rectangular or circular connectors that LAPP has to offer, you can access all available CAD models here. 


LAPP's extensive range of circular power and signal connectors have many inherent features, such as positive vibration protection, which are ideal for uuse on servo motors and in servo harnessing. 

EPIC® LS Circular Connectors

The LS circular power connectors are available in seven housings styles and two contact configurations. Common to all arrangements are a rugged nickel-plated zinc body, plastic contact insulation body and sleeve, and gold-plated electrical contacts. Cable mounted arrangements are also include an integral EMC shield ring, cable clamp and seal. 

These connectors are offered with two contact configurations. The 5+PE contact configuration for power distribution has 5 contacts plus ground, and is rated at 630V & 25A. For feedback and servo motor with brake applications, the 3+PE+4 contact configuration handles mixed power & signal requirements with 3 contacts plus ground, rated 630V and 26A, with an additional 4 contacts rated 250V and 7A.

EPIC® Signal M17 & M23 Connectors

The M17 & M23 Signal connectors are available in 11 housing styles that can accomodate 3 different insert keying positions. Inserts are offered in 7 contact configurations for mounting male or female, crimp, or solder contacts. Cable mounted arrangements also include an integral EMC shield ring and cage clamp and seal. 

The connectors are offered with insert configurations for 6, 7, 8+1, 9, 12, 16 & 17 crimp or solder contacts in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise orientation.

Used in combination, they connect one cable to another or a cable to fixed wiring in a control enclosure or on a machine, instrument, encoder or servo motor. 

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