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Highly Coded Compact Safety Switch

The ATOM is a compact, ultra-robust RFID non-contact solenoid locking switch that holds a guard doors closed until the machine has entered a safe state of operation. 

This safety interlock switch offers a tamperproof method of safeguarding dangerous machinery thanks to its 'High-Coded' actuator that prevents the possible defeat of the interlock, as reccomended by ISO 14119. 

Thanks to its compact size, the ATOM can be easily installed on the interior of a machine or in areas where space is limited. The unit and its actuator only require a maximum of two fixings each and every device comes with a series of connector options for an even easier installation process. 

High misalignment in the self-centring actuator covers any movement and inaccuracy in hinged and sliding machine guard doors. Additionally, ATOM’s 'head' mechanism has an open design manufactured in stainless steel to prevent dust, dirt and corrosion from impacting performance. 

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The ATOM is a solenoid locking switch that has been externally approved for use within applications up to PLe (Cat. 4). This is the perfect safety interlocking device for use in Automotive engine plants or on CNC machinery whereby access into the machine must only be permitted once the machine has finished its operating cycle and has entered a safe state of operation.  

Overcoming fault masking

Many automation safety designers choose to wire their safety devices 'in-series' to cut down the overall wiring costs. However, one of the biggest issues with 'series' wiring is fault-masking. 

Fault masking allows for a fault within the safety sysem to go undetected and a second fault could lead to the loss of the safety fuction, enabling operators to enter a machine that is still in running.

The ATOM uses OSSD functionality, meaning that multiple switches can be easily 'daisy-chained' together without suffering from the risk of fault-masking. 

ATOM Selection Tool

If you are looking to wield the power of the ATOM in your next machinery safety project but are unsure which type of device you might need - why not select the right device for your application using the on-line selection tool. 

Selection made simple

ATOM - RFID Safety Interlock Brochure

ATOM is a compact and ultra-robust RFID High-Coded Solenoid Interlock, suitable for use in applications up to PLe. It provides a discreet, easy-to-install solution with monitored inputs and OSSD outputs to overcome the issue of fault-masking. 

Still unsure on safety?

If you are currently working on a machiney safety project and are unsure of the best way of safeguarding your machine, we can help you to specify the appropriate safety device based upon your application. 

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