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Why choose non-contact safety?

Non-contact switches, sometimes reffered to as proximity sensors, are actuated electronically when the actuator is within the sensing distance of the switch. Therefore, power to the machine is isolated as soon as the actuator can no longer be detected.

ncGard is the comprehensive range of non-contact compact safety swtches from Fortress Interlocks that are the ideal choice for machinery safety applications where space is limited.  All switches are resistant to shock, machine vibrations and offer a high degree of protection against tampering. 

Thanks to their compact size, non-contact safety switches can be easily installed on the inside of machinery to help protect against motivation to defeat which is highlighted within EN ISO 14119: Safety of Machinery - Interlocking devices associated with guards whereby operators 'defeat' the safety function of the interlocking system and are able to gain unsafe access to a machine.

By decreasing the accessibility of the switch in accordance with EN ISO 14119, it is also protected from damage, as well preventing intentional missue, meaning that these switches require very little maintenance. To provide even further protection against intentional missuse, some switches have been coded so that only specific actuators can be used in conjunction with the switch that contains the corresponding coding. 


Still unsure on safety?

If you are currently working on a machiney safety project and are unsure of the best way of safeguarding your machine, we can help you to specify the appropriate safety device based upon your application. 

You're in safe hands