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IP69K Hygienic Safety Gate Switches

Strict health and safety standards in the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries require all machinery used in the production process to be thoroughly sanitised at regular intervals to keep equipment clean and eliminate the risk of bacterial contamination. This cleaning process is commonly known as Cleaning in Place (CIP) and uses a mix of chemicals, heat and water to clean machinery, vessels or pipework without having to dismantle plant.

Consequently, the safety equipment used to safeguard machinery within the production areas of these industries must also be able to withstand these environmental conditions during its expected lifetime. In these scenarios, all safety devices must be rated to an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP69K, otherwise they will not be suitable for use in hygienic environments. 

amGardS40 is a range of highly-robust, IP69K, stainless steel, safety interlocks switches and safety locking devices. Manufactured in 316 stainless steel, the range is modular in design, allowing a wide range of safety interlock switches to be configured to suit many applications. Each module has a slim body construction of 40mm so that it can easily fit within the narrow profile of 50mm guarding sections or areas where space is limited. 

Hygiene-critical Interlocking

The amGardS40 IP69K safety gate switches is suitable for use within hygiene-critical industries as each device has been manufactured in a stainless steel enclosure that is capable of withstanding the rigorous high pressure, high temperature washdown procedures. 

Configurations Solid as Steel

The amGardS40 configurator enables you to create your ideal safety gate switch that has been tailored to your individual safety requirements. Flexibly select from a range of modules to enhance your safety interlocking system. 

Configure your Hygienic Interlock

Hygienic-based Safety

Just like all of the safety interlocks that Fortress offer, the amGardS40 range has been independently certified  up to EN ISO 13849-1, Category 4, PLe (SIL3).  by TUV SUD.

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