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Heavy-duty Safety Gate Switches

amGardpro is the modular range of the safety gate swicthes and guard-locking devices from Fortress. Plant floors are notorious for their arduous environments but these safety interlocking switches have been specifically designed to offer an unrivaled level of functionality in a single device that is built to last. 

Why choose Safety Gate Switches?

Electro-mechanical safety gate switches are the ‘bread-and-butter’ devices for interlocking moveable guards on dangerous machinery and hazardous processes, directly at the point of entry. These types of switches are mounted on the guard door and are actuated by a mechanical mating piece that is common referred to as an ‘actuator.’ They monitor the position of a guard door, in conjunction with a safety control system, by preventing access into the guarded area until all hazardous machine movements have ceased operation.

amGardpro is a modular range of heavy-duty safety interlock switches from Fortress. Its unique modular design allows easy configuration and provides total electro-mechanical solutions for practically any safeguarding application up to SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061), Category 4 and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1). 

With its unrivalled design concept, the range offers fully integrated safety interlocks that can incorporate additional functionality into a single device. The amGardpro system replaces all adaptions normally fitted within a machine guarding system, such that additional hardware like door catches, actuators, closing mechanisms, and deadlocks etc, are no longer needed. 

Additional funcitonality that can be built into each device includes: 

  • Actuators for Different Door Types
  • Guard Locking Functionality
  • Safety Keys for Authorised Access
  • Lock-out/Tag-out Accessories
  • Escape Release Options
  • Push Button Control and Indicator Lamps
  • E-stops & Selector Switches
  • Quick Disconnecters 

Safety built to last

Thanks to its metal-bodied construction, the amGardpro range of customisable safety gate switches are the ideal choice for use in heavy-industry and high-vibration applications. 

Slimline Safety

In certain machine guarding applications; space is a premium and so Fortress have expanded their safety gate offering to include slimline configurations with a width of just 40mm. These slimline switches have been specifically designed to fit perfectly within the narrow profile of 50mm guard posts. 

The range offers one of the most robust slimline safety interlock switches with guard locking on the market, thanks to its metal-bodied construction. Just like all configurations within the amGardpro range, these gate switches require very little maintenance so you can benefit from a truly reliable fit-and-forget safety solution. 

The range incorporates an ergonmical stainless steel door handle which removes the need for fabricating plastic door handles. This hinged handle actuator can be secured with just 2 fixing points and boasts a high level of misalignment for continued actuation of the safety interlock, even if the guard door moves over time. 

Simplistic Safety Configuration

The amGardpro configurator enables you to create your ideal safety gate switch that has been tailored to your individual safety requirements. You can even size up relevant mounting plates for your devices to simplify the installation process. 

Configure your safety switch

Standards Compliant

The amGardpro range complies with all new and forthcoming machine safety standards with all modules being  independently certified by TUV SUD. Download the technical report here.

Still unsure on safety?

If you are currently working on a machiney safety project and are unsure of the best way of safeguarding your machine, we can help you to specify the appropriate safety device based upon your application. 

You're in safe hands