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The First Industrial Cloud

Explore Talk2M, the scalable, reliable, and fully redundant Industrial Cloud from Ewon. With servers spread across the globe, it enables you to monitor your assets wherever they have been deployed. 

Industrial Cloud Connectivity

Since 2006, the unique Talk2M industral cloud service meets the expectations of Machine Builders, System Integrators and plant operators who want to access their machines remotely in an easy and secure way.

Over the years, Talk2M has become more than a cloud for remote access to machines - it has developed into a fundamental link in the Industrial IoT value chain. Software teams also take advantage of the Talk2M platform to securely retrieve data from the field, developing applications that turn OT data into actionable insights. 

Best of all, all Ewon routers come with cloud connectivity, free of charge. But as your business grows and your management needs increase, we reccomend upgrading to a Talk2M Pro License. 

This additional level of service provides improved user management and a global service level agreement. You also receive additional concurrent connections, unlimited web portal connections, and the ability to view all your sites from a centralised dashboard via the Ewon VPN Client. 

 Furthermore, for on-site testing, the Ewon Talk2M Connection Checker can be utilised to get a live diagnostic on your Talk2M connectivity potential.

Possible firewall issues or proxy requirements can be immediately identified so that you and your customers can get the most out of the cloud connectivity solution. 

IIoT Cloud Connectivity

As the first secure industrial connectivity service in the cloud, Talk2M is a highly reliable, efficient and secure solution for remote machine connectivity, including a state-of-the-art global server infrastructure.. Take a look at the overview brochure for more information. 

M2Web: Remote Web Access to your HMI Panels

M2Web is a free standard service of Talk2M that gives Machines Builders, Plant Operators and System Integrators a new way to securely access your remote devices from any web browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone with no additional software or license required.

This web-based client provides secure remote web access to any HMI devices ( Panels, PCs, HTML configuration pages etc) that are connected to an Ewon industrial router and Talk2M. establishes a secure HTTPS connection while allowing to connect to a wide variety of supported HMI's including: 

  • HTTP for any device with an embedded web server
  • VNC for any HMI panel using VNC technology
  • RDP for any Windows-based PC or controller

Talk2M Remote Access VPN Client

Did you know that a free-of-charge VPN Client is included with all Ewon routers? 

eCatcher and Talk2M work harmoniously to ensure successful connectivity. With Easy Setup, you can configure your Ewon router without ever making a local connection with a LAN cable.

By using the USB wizard, you can get your remote access router registered into your Ewon account in less than 5 minutes.

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