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Ewon Cosy 131

Securely connect to your machines from anywhere, when it matters most. The Ewon Cosy 131 offers users the ability to remotely troubleshoot their machines from the comfort of their home. 

Industrial Remote Access Gateway

Whether you are a plant engineer or maintenance manager and are looking to implement remote access for off-site monitoring purposes, or if you are a machine builder that wants to offer remote servicing and fault diagnosis to your international customers, the Ewon Cosy 131 Industrial Routers can provide you with secure remote access for any industrial application. 

Along with all Cosy 131 routers, the Ewon solution also includes a desktop VPN client, mobile VPN, and VPN cloud-service all free of charge.

These components have been specifically designed to work collaboratively in order to create a seamless connectivity experience for you or your customers engineers, 

Ewon have a variety of routers to fit your connectivity needs. Have a hard-wired Ethernet connection in your factory? Need WiFi connectivity? Installing in a remote site with only cellular service? Ewon have multiple verions of the Cosy 131 routers to satisfy all of these requirements. 

Remote Monitoring made simple

Ewon have a variety of industrial routers to suit all of your connectivity needs so why not check out all available options of the Cosy remote access units in the following overview brochure

The Perfect Solution for Machine Builders

In this increasingly competitive global marketplace, most, if not all, machine builders are constantly striving to optimise every aspect of their operations. Therefore, the combination of the Ewon Cosy 131 gateways with Talk2M, the first Secure Industrial Cloud platform, enables machine builders to effortlessly connect to their machines wherever they have been deployed. 

Setting up a Cosy router is easier than easy as it works out-of-the-box with all major PLC/HMI brands and other USB-enabled devices. The PLC aslo remains operational during installation, making these devices perfect for retrofitting to your machines that have already been deployed in the field. 

Remote access solutions translate to rapid issue resolution for your customers. Less downtime and faster return to full production helps improve your customer experience which enables you to strengthen your customer retention rates, as a result of increased brand loyalty.   

Finally, by installing a Cosy 131 remote access router on your machines, you can significant reduce your operational costs due to three factors:

  1. Direct savings from no longer needing to travel on-site for support.
  2. Achieve a much higher “fix on first visit” ratio thanks to remote troubleshooting 
  3. Deploy and integrate your machines faster and meet tight end user deadlines.

Introducing the Ewon Cosy+

The Cosy + is possibly the most secure industrial remote access solution currently on the market. 

To combat the growning concerns that industrial cybersecurity brings, the new Ewon Cosy + incorporates embedded hardware security into every unit which makes these devices immune from malicious malware attacks. 

Every aspect of the Cosy + is designed for optimal security, while ensuring an incredibly simple setup process which doesn’t require any advanced IT knowledge.

Explore the Cosy+

Looking for the Datasheet?

Ewon Cosy and Talk2M make connectivity easy, and don’t require the user to be an IT expert to take advantage of the time and cost saving advantages.Get a copy of the datasheet here for your documentation. 

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