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Secure Remote Access with the Cosy+

The Cosy+ is the new generation of secure industrial remote access from Ewon, allowing you to easily troubleshoot your machines remotely in a secure, reliable manner. 

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Secure Remote Access has never been easier

Capitilising the success of the Ewon Cosy, the Cosy+ takes IIoT cybersecurity to a whole new level, making industrial remote access more secure than ever before.  

With embedded Hardware Security into every device, each Cosy+ unit is designed for optimal security, whilst ensuring that the setup doesn't require any advanced IT knowledge so that you can make any machine IIoT-ready in a matter of minutes.   

The Cosy+ also comes with a free Talk2M VPN cloud account which allows you to reach your equipment in 2 clicks. There are also additional connectivity options with the free desktop, web and mobile apps. 

PLC troubleshooting and HMI monitoring over the internet can be achieved effortlessly with the Ewon Cosy+ so you can still offer the same high levels of support that your business is known for without incurring the travel costs associated with sending your engineers on-site unless it is absolutely necessary. 

Remote Monitoring made simple

With the Ewon Cosy+, you can minimise downtimewith fast remote support whilst avoiding unnecessary service call-outs. For further details on all Cosy+ units, download the product overview brochure here. 

The Perfect Solution for Machine Builders

In this increasingly competitive global marketplace, most, if not all, machine builders are constantly striving to optimise every aspect of their operations. 

With the Cosy+, you can establish a secure VPN connection through the Talk2M cloud-based remote connectivity service. This enables your engineers to remotely access PLC's, HMI's or other devices inside the machine, for maintenance or monitoring, from anywhere in the world and from any device, even from a smartphone. 

Setting up a Cosy+ router is easier than easy as it works out-of-the-box with all major PLC/HMI brands and other USB-enabled devices. The PLC aslo remains operational during installation, making these devices perfect for retrofitting to your machines that have already been deployed in the field. 

Remote access solutions translate to rapid issue resolution for your customers. Less downtime and faster return to full production helps improve your customer experience which enables you to strengthen your customer retention rates, as a result of increased brand loyalty.  

Secure by Design Hardware

Now more than ever, it is critical to protect your plant equipment from malicious attacks as it is estimated that 98% of IoT traffic is unencrypted with nearly 60% of devices are vulnerable to moderate or even severe cyber attacks. 

That is why the Cosy+ includes several layers of security which includes unique embedded hardware security features such as the Secure Elemenet chip designed to protect know-how and provide a Hardware Root of Trust, making the Cosy+ immune to malware attacks. 

Other integrated security controls include: 

  • Birth certificate, to prevent cloning and counterfeiting.
  • Secure boot sequence, to ensure that only code signed by Ewon is executed.
  • Strong encryption of all communications with Talk2M. 
  • Non-intrusive outbound connections, requiring no change on the existing network.
  • Machine LAN segregation ensuring that remote users can only access the target equipment.
  • Traceability of all remote activity through detailed logs and reports.
  • Local control of the remote connectivity by the end-user, with an external key switch.
  • Increase safety with the digital output indicating an active remote connection

Fully Redundant Industrial Cloud

Talk2M is more than just an industrial cloud platform for remote machine connectivity, it is now considered a fundamental link in the industrial IoT value chain. 

It enables software teams to securely retrieve data from the field, developing applications that turn OT data into actionable insights. 

Best of all - every Ewon device, including the Cosy+, comes with a the Talk2M cloud connectivity free of charge. 

Take it to the cloud

Looking for the Datasheet?

Ewon Cosy + and Talk2M make connectivity easy, and doesn't require the user to be an IT expert to take advantage of the time and cost saving advantages.Get a copy of the datasheet here for your documentation. 

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