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Hardware Specification

Providing reassurance in the right products for the right application

Only the highest quality hardware

One of the most difficult tasks for any engineering project is selecting the most appropriate products to control, monitor or manage your automation processes as efficiently and effectively as possible. However, we understand that there is a fine balance between selecting the most recent automation equipment and the level of capital expenditure that you have to spend.

Therefore, by partnering with Underwoods at the initial stages of your project, we will work with your engineering, maintenance, operations and procurement teams to find high-quality, cost-effective solutions to your most pressing automation challenges.

Using the wealth of knowledge and industry experience, our in-house support team can help with your specification efforts to guarantee that you receive the most suitable hardware and software based upon your application requirements. This could include engaging the technical assistance of our manufacturing partners and may also involve providing hardware for testing purpose so that you can maximise your Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Modernising your manufacturing processes

Our hardware specification support is not just restricted to PLC's, Motion controllers and Drive systems. Our technical specialist team are able to specify process instrumentation, safety and sensing devices, and can even help you to understand the hardware and software requirements that you will need to start your journey to becoming a digital enterprise.

Our dedicated digitalisation team can offer you practical guidance on how to upgrade your plant to achieve an end-to-end integration of your production data and create completely digitally integrated business proccesses that bridge the gap bewteen the real and virtual worlds. 

Start your digital journey

Your Automation partner,
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Whatever level of support you need, we can give you a clear market advantage through better product knowledge, smoother installations and systems that increase your productivity.

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