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Many engineers feel that they are in the dark when it comes to digitalisation, but you’re not alone.

Underwoods can enlighten your teams and advise you on how to best update your plant infrastructure so that you can start your journey to becoming a digital enterprise.

Embracing the digital revolution

As more and more devices, machines and automation systems are getting connected, there is a clear convergence between the real and virtual worlds, leading to the formation of cyber-physical systems.

These cyber-physical systems are generating a wealth of datapoints that can be turned into value. Yet, how this data can be secured and utilised to drive production efficiencies and streamline operational processes is still an uncertainty for many. 

Consequently, the Digitalisation team at Underwoods are dedicated to understanding the challenges associated with implementing industry 4.0 and can guide you through the process of becoming a digital enterprise. 

Big Data & Cloud Computing

Smart sensors, intelligent machinery and advanced automation systems will generate a wealth of data as manufacturing plants undergo their own digital transformations but for this data to be of use; it must be stored, analysed and actioned within a centralised, easily accessible hub.

Therefore, investing in a reliable, highly flexible and future-proof cloud comuputing platform will be crucial to the sucessful implementation of digitalisation within your manufacturing plant. Cloud platforms will help you to reduce your overall operating costs, improve production quality, and create a flexible manufacturing network that can rapidly adapt to changing market demands. 

Industrial Networking assessment

Industrial communication protocols and ethernet networking techologies are the backbone that supports all digital enterprises so upgrading your plants network  is paramount to the successful implementation of all digital transformation projects.

Our Digitalisation team can review your existing network infrastructure and highlight weaknesses, in terms of topology construction, as well recommend improvements that can boost the performance of your network and minimise cybersecurity risks.  

A real world example

Flexibility that allows incredible market responsiveness

Time to market and customer responsiveness are today’s key factors of competitiveness

Digital Transformation

From increased competition and working towards environmental responsibilities, to moving on from obsolete equipment; the motivations behind pursuing digital transformation are varied and significant. However, if you now want to capitalise on the opportunities presented by digitalisation but are unsure on any detail, from feasibility to implementation, our team are here to help you unlock the secret to truly flexible production. 

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Whatever level of support you need, we can give you a clear market advantage through better product knowledge, smoother installations and systems that increase your productivity.

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