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When it comes to Automation Safety, you are in safe hands with Underwoods. We have created a selection of the finest safety products so that you can easily safeguard almost any dangerous machinery or hazardous process. We have a number of AS-I Safe devices, Safety Logic Control Systems, numerous Safety Switches and control devices, as well as a wide collection of Safety Sensors. 

If you are looking for an industrial networking alternative rather hard wiring your safety devices, then check out our AS-I Safe components. Within AS-I Safe, you will find a number of Safety I/O components, AS-I Safety Monitors, and AS-I enabled Safety Interlock Switches. 

Whether you are looking for safety relays or programmable safety controllers for safety monitoring, you can find a selection of devices from Phoenix Contact, SICK and Siemens within Safety Logic Control Systems. 

If you need to safeguard your machinery, we have numerous safety interlocking switches as well as control devices, incorporating safety push buttons and e-stops for basic machine control right at the point of entry. 

To get a sense of safety, we carry a series of safety sensing devices such as; safety camera's, safety encoders, laser scanners and safety light curtains that can be used tin conjunction with your safety control system.