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TIA Portal Webinar Tutorials from Underwoods

Looking for an easier and more efficient way to use the TIA Portal? 

Can you be sure that you are using its vast array of features to simplify your engineering efforts? 

Perhaps you feel that you could be using the TIA Portal more effectively? 

There are still many engineers out there that aren;t making the most out of the TIA Portal, so our Technical Training Manager has devised a series of tutorials guiding users through some of the portal's many 'hidden; features. 

These training tutorials will be delivered in the form of 2 hour technical webinars on the 19th, 20th & 21st May from 10am -12pm. 

The first session on Tuesday 19th May provides a general introduction to the TIA Portal that is ideally suited to new users and covers some of the basics such as: 

  • Creating new or Open existing projects
  • Operating the two views of TIA Portal
  • Navigating the layout and workspaces of the interface
  • Customising the interface for more efficient project and task flow
  • Using other languages within a project
  • Utilising Libraries for re-use within projects or globally throughout TIA Portal
  • Archiving and Retrieving TIA Portal projects
  • Re-using objects and data from another TIA project from within the Project tree
  • Exploring the integrated Help gateways
  • Setting project Security settings

The following session on Wednesday 20th May focuses more on the use of PROFINET devices within the TIA Portal and will focus on how to: 

  • Use the Accessible devices tool to connect with and identify machine components
  • Enable TIA Portal for automatic configuration to the current machine network
  • Work within the Online and Offline modes of the interface
  • Upload machine hardware/software into a project
  • Configure networks via Network and Topology view
  • Utilise the PROFINET Device name tools
  • Enable and use Diagnostic tools:
    • Receive alarms via TIA Portal
    • Identification & maintenance data
    • Diagnostic buffer
    • Web server
  • Utilise the comparison tools in the project
  • Set PLC Access levels in Device view

Finally, the third and final instalment of our tutorial webainr series, on Thursday 21st May, will cover how to make the most of your project data. In the third session, users will learn to: 

  • Explore the methods of creating and utilising Tags within the project:
    • Device view
    • Tag tables
    • Define; Rewire; and Rename tags
    • Drag & drop
  • Work with the various tools for monitoring/modifying data:
    • Tag and block comment tools
    • Watch tables – standard and expanded mode
    • Force tables
    • Online & diagnostic functions in data blocks
    • Monitoring structure data within blocks
  • Explore local tag attribute options within a block
  • Work with Instancing options inside Function blocks
  • Utilise Program block protection features

So if you are somewhat of a TIA Portal beginners or simply wish to find the most efficient ways of using the portals interface to simplify, rather than complicate, your engineering - make sure to register using the link below.  



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