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SITOP Power Supplies - The Heart Of Automation

Siemens SITOP power supplies are so much more than just a box that converts mains electricity into 24 volts DC to power a PLC or an HMI. Today’s power supplies from Siemens help to minimise plant downtime due to their extremely high reliability rates and diagnostic capabilities, as well as having extremely high energy efficiency performance, meaning less wasted power in the form of heat. For these reasons, the SITOP range of power supplies and additional devices really do come together to form a true power supply system at the heart of your automation platform! 

Basic Power Supplies

Of course, there are requirements where we just need to convert mains electricity to 24 volts DC, and the Basic range of power supplies (Lite, LOGO Power & Compact) meet these requirements while still maintaining the very high reliability and efficiency that is now expected of SITOP in the market place. Even the Basic range includes features such as current measuring points and alternative output voltages including 5, 15 and 12 volts DC with single phase inputs.

Standard Power Supplies

Moving up into the Standard range of power supplies (PSU6200 & Smart) brings with it further benefits, and improvements to efficiency ratings. With the PSU6200 we take the first steps into providing the capability to read back diagnostic information at the connected Simatic controller via a single digital input and the free library blocks/HMI faceplates. This gives the user a great level of simple integration into the control system to provide visualisation of the status of the power supply’s loading, setup and maintenance statistics. The data enables a valuable understanding of the power supply system, particularly when we expand the functionality and include Selectivity Modules for electronic circuit protection with channel granular diagnostics including the channel trip state, current trip setpoint and current drawn on each channel. With detail like this we start to see a complete overview of the power supply health and therefore the health of our plant or process, whilst also providing isolated and protected channels of 24 volt supply.

Additionally, the wide-ranging input of the PSU6200 single phase devices is not only suitable for connecting to AC supplies, but DC supplies as well. With the high surge immunity, this technology provides a sound platform for global installation, irrespective of the supply type and quality, making it the perfect power supply for standardised designs across all applications. 

Advanced Power Supplies

When we look at our Advanced power supplies (PSU8600 & PSU8200), we really do hit the pinnacle of available technology within a power supply system! With the fully modular PSU8600 system we can enable communications via Profinet or OPC UA to provide control and monitoring of the entire power supply system via a single Ethernet connection, which includes adjusting the voltage/current setting of the output supply from the PLC, and full automatically generated system diagnostics for any detected fault. With further energy savings in times where equipment is not used, we can enable Profi-Energy profiles that are included with the PSU8600, meaning that we can be in full control of when we need power, and when we don’t!

Add to this built in circuit protection, buffering and full UPS capability, all interconnected by a simple System Clip Link, the PSU8600 offers the complete state of the art power supply system with full integration into the connected SIMATIC control system, again with free function blocks and faceplates!

You will no doubt have heard all about digital twins, digital production planning etc. These software tools and processes are not just for our customers to use, we use them too! By utilising digital technologies for design and production planning, we can adjust workflows and design processes to enable us to adjust production due to customer demands.

The tools allow us to maintain production while keeping to social distance guidelines which is particularly important during the current crisis. Using digital twins to simulate real world reactions in a digital environment enables product designs to be streamlined in software providing a more robust and reliable device that is ready for production.

This is why you can be confident in the reliability, efficiency and integration of the SITOP range of power supplies, the heart of automation! 

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