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LOGO Version 8.3 gets cloud connectivity

The new version of the Logo! logic module series from Siemens, that will be released later on in 2020, will feature a direct cloud connection. 

The cloud connectivity of the new logic modules represents a paradigm shift. Whereas previously the Logo! had to be interrupted for data handling or acquisition purposes, real-time access in the cloud makes it possible to access all data during operation.

At the first level, Logo! 8.3 enables Amazon Web Services (AWS) to be connected to the cloud. And there are plans for more connections, such as to MindSphere, the Siemens cloud-based, open IoT operating system, and Alibaba.

Thanks to the multiple interfacing options such as Modbus TCP/IP, Konnex bus (KNX) and Ethernet, Logo! 8.3 can also be used as a cloud gateway for existing systems. This enables data to be exported to the cloud, due to limited memory space in the controller. .

In this way, the entire data of smaller automation projects is available in the cloud for further processing and analysis, resulting in new possibilities for the automation engineer to record and evaluate energy data, carry out predictive maintenance or implement flexible service concepts.

Further benefits include: 

  • The new free Logo! web editor can be used to create user-defined websites and dashboards in the cloud.
  • Users can design their automation projects and operate them from the cloud via smartphone, tablet or PC. 
  • The webserver can be directly hosted in the cloud, enabling individual visualization and centralized control of switching and automation solutions in the construction of control cabinets, machines and other apparatus - regardless of location. 

The latest version of the SIMATIC Logo! really is Simply Ingenious 

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