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Get to Grips with Siemens TIA Portal V17

In case you have been living under a rock, the Siemens TIA Portal V17 has recently been released on the 28TH May and, as always, this latest update is chocked full of new features that makes Totally Integrated Automation even more efficient.

What you might not know is that you can download a trial version of SIMATIC STEP7 V17 including safety, WinCC V17 and S7 PLCSIM V17. This trial lasts for 21 days which enables you to take the latest functionality for a spin before you commit to upgrading your SUS contract.

Download your trial version of TIA Portal V17 by following the link below:


Want to know what to expect from V17?

Keep on reading as we will be diving into some of the main functionality included within the latest update.

SIMATIC STEP 7 Innovations – New Control Program Editors

One of the many new features that have been introduced in TIA Portal V17 is the new Cause & Effect Matrix (CEM) which enables you to create simple interconnections of ready-made logic modules for S7-1500 and S7-1200 PLCs.

Using the matrix, you can configure dependencies between modules according to the principle of cause and effect which is ideal for detecting and troubleshooting programming errors, as relationships between modules are easily displayed with the graphic user interface.  

Another graphical configuration addition to V17 is the new CFC editor for SIMATIC S7-1500 which enables users to interconnect function blocks as a continuous function chart (CFC), thereby allowing you to easily configure a signal flow diagram. By parameterising technology functions by linking function blocks, functions can be created much faster than conventional programming methods.

The CFC editor, which requires an additional license, simplifies the generation of automation programs through the drawing a technology chart so that you can easily solve automation tasks that are already in the configuration phase. In fact, you can convert technical requirements into complete, executable automation programs at the click of a button. Now that really is efficient engineering.

Non-Stop Safety with TIA Portal V17

With non-stop safety as part of the new fast commissioning mode in #TIAPortalV17, it is now possible to test, modify and download a new safety program while leaving the PLC in run.

An adjustable and re-settable time-limit allows this operation while ensuring it cannot be left permanently enabled to ensure safe operation of the machine.

This new workflow means that you can download prepared project to the controller, deactivate safety mode and enable Fast Commissioning mode. In this mode you can:

  • Perform adjustments in safety program during operation
  • Finalise project by full compile leading to shorter compile times during commissioning
  • Reactivate Safety mode and re-initialise by STOP – START transition of the CPU

Another standout feature in regard to safety is Startdrive Advanced. Here the new safety Activation Test functionality enables the validation of the safety control chain from sensor to actuator, ensuring correct wiring of safety sensors. As a result, all safety functions are realised according to the risk minimisation and that all drives select the correct safety function when a sensor is activated.

Further enhancements for safety engineering in the TIA Portal include the optimum structuring of data in your safety program which can be achieved through the creation of F-compliant data types up to a nesting depth of 8. All data types allowed in the safety program can be used as F-PLC data.

New Integrated Securit for TIA Portal V17 & SIMATIC S7 Controllers

Cyberthreats to OT and automation systems are increasing every day. To counteract this, TIA Portal and the SIMATIC S7 controllers offer integrated security functions that are being further developed and expanded with V17.

For some security settings, a so-called security by default strategy is already being followed, which helps to minimise cyber risks. With the PLC protection levels, for example, the password assignment is now automatically activated, and users are comfortably guided through the security configuration process using a wizard. This reduces the risk of errors, offers greater transparency, and facilitates handing with maximum user-friendliness.


TIA Portal V17 also makes industrial communication even more secure. Industrial Communication is a prevalent target for hackers as they may seek to intercept and potentially manipulate your systems data traffic.

OPC UA already allows for secure and encrypted communication between S7-1500 controllers and third-party devices. Now, V17 supports automatable certificate management for dynamically configuring OPC UA server certificates in the controller (OPC UA GDS support), making the system much easier to use.

An additional highlight is the TLS-based protection of SIMATIC S7 communication between controllers, TIA Portal, and HMI stations, providing a higher level of security, thanks to the latest security standards (TLS 1.3). This also allows users to encrypt communication and apply their own certificates.

Finally, each user should only be able to access specific devices and functions depending on their role and rights, which can now be handled by TIA Portal user management. In version V17, users are granted additional function rights to permit a more detailed allocation of rights such as access to safety functions. The UMC (User Management Component) option package offers the opportunity to incorporate user management in a central user management system (e.g., Active Directory).

Single sign-on (SSO) is also supported, making it possible to change from HMI Runtime to TIA Portal with no additional manual log-on when both are installed on the same computer. Even older devices that support authentication using SIMATIC Logon can be connected to UMC in version V17.

TIA Portal Test Suite Advanced

To ensure a consistently high program quality, the TIA Portal Test Suite Advanced has been updated and now offers you even more functionality for testing your applications.

To check the correct processing of individual logic blocks or entire S7-1500 applications, test cases with function tests can be created in a TIA Portal project and subsequently executed and validated with the help of SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced V4.0.  

In TIA Portal Test Suite V17, the import and execution of application texts and the checking of rule sets is supported by TIA Portal Openness. This enables automated tests of STEP 7 programs and therefore integration into Continuous Integration Workflows.

TIA Portal V17 SUS Contract Grace Period Offer

Now that the TIA Portal V17 has been officially released, our partners at Siemens UK want to make it as easier as possible for all TIA Portal V16 users to switch to the latest version as well as keeping your engineering software up to date all year round.

That is why they are currently offering an attractive SUS Contract grace period offer for the new TIA Portal products available as downloads, valid until the 31st August 2021.

When you order the Software Update Service (SUS) contract for TIA Portal V17, for one year you receive all the upgrades and service packs of your SIMATIC software product delivered to you free of charge.

Click here if you need help with the upgrade.

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