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Embracing Digital Industry with Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Did you know that the digitalisation of industry does not just enable manufacturers to further improve their production processes?

While the use of digital manufacturing technologies can be utilised to reach levels of operational efficiency that many manufacturing could only previous aspire to, the real benefits for manufacturers and machine builders alike facilitates a form of continuous improvements throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

Digital industry facilitates new insights, new opportunities, new revenue streams, and new levels of automation at every point of the value chain. By embracing digitalisation, industrial business can achieve the following: 

  • Create a more accurate picture of manufacturing processes and address operational inefficiencies, resulting in higher-quality production. 
  • Speed up the product design process with virtual validatation, eliminating the need for physical prototypes.
  • Connect real-time data from a products’ performance in the field to the next versions of said products for definitive improvements. 

Now that the digital transformation of industry is in full swing, many of our customers are changing many aspects of their businesses to better satisfy ever-changing customer demand. Just like our customers, Underwoods are also changing by embracing new advanced industry software so that we can further support our customers as they initiate their own digital transformations.

Underwoods join forces with Kaizen PLM to offer the full suite of Siemens Digital Industries Software 

To achieve this, we are teaming up with Kaizen PLM as they are one of the leading gold solution partners for Siemens Digital Industries Software. These software solutions enable you to boost your end-to-end product development processes including electronic and mechanical design, system simulation, manufacturing operations and lifecycle analytics.



This newly formed partnership will allow us to offer our customers flexible and scalable software applications for new ways of working. With insights and data, you will be able to predict and adapt products to future needs, allowing you the ability to meet rapidly changing consumer preferences.

Together – Underwoods and Kaizen PLM can help your business to embrace digitalisation.


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