Sick Safety Light Curtains




SICK combines its expertise and experience to design safety light curtains, multiple and single beam photoelectric safety switches that are easy to use and offer maximum performance. A versatile rangeof solutions ensures productive machine and plant operation.

Your benefits at a glance:

Customized - 

• Compact size ensures flexible adaptation to the machine design
• Resistant and robust types for high system reliability, even in difficult ambient conditions

Safety & quality - 

• Increased flexibility and reduced wiring complexity due to cascading.
• Beam coding protects the systems against crosstalk and thus offers a high level of reliability.
• Blanking functions enable flexible and reliable adjustment of protective fields or safe differentiation between people and material to ensure maximum productivity.

Easy to use - 

• Tried-and-tested display reduces downtime:
Quick alignment, protective field visualization and simple diagnostics
• A wide range of versatile mounting adapters make flexible mounting possible