Omron FQ2 Vision Sensors

The new standard in image inspection and code verification

The FQ2 vision sensor family is set to redefine the vision sensor market, providing advanced inspection, code reading and verification only previously available in higher end vision systems. With over 100 camera options, the FQ2 provides users with the ultimate flexibility to solve a variety of applications. Whether you need high resolution, code reading, integrated lighting, or a cost effective solution to solve a simple application, there is an FQ2 that fits your every need.

  • Powerful functionality with versatile line-up
  • Crystal clear images
  • All-in-one-housing
  • Easy searching with Shape Search II
  • Direct Part Marked (DPM)
  • Unique OCR technology
  • Code verification
  • Advanced Inspection

The new solution for detecting printed code errors...

Food products with incorrectly printed date codes can cause major issues for manufacturers if they enter the supply chain. Product recalls, supermarket fines and damage to brand reputation can lead to huge costs being incurred…

Incorrectly coded products, missing codes or codes which are not legible can be common issues and the only way to ensure these errors never reach your customers is to perform 100% inspection.

Previously, solutions to detect code errors have been complex and expensive to deploy, until now… 

Omron has launched a new range of vision sensors that provide advanced character verification technology in an easy to use and cost effective package.

It’s as simple as 1…2...3!

No in-depth knowledge of vision applications is required to set-up or operate the system. Set-up is completed in 3 simple steps, even for multi-line codes, allowing the system to be used at operator level.


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