Lovato Platinum Pushbutton Range

Platinum Pushbutton Range


LOVATO Electric has expanded its range of control and signalling devices with the new Platinum series of 22mm pushbuttons and selector switches.

High reliability, superior electrical performance, mechanical ruggedness and sleek ergonomic design are all hallmarks of the new Platinum series. Buttons and switches are characterized by the use of materials with excellent mechanical characteristics and high chemical resistance, which make them usable in any environment, even in the presence of certain types of acids, hydrocarbons, alcohols, halogenated alkali and organic composite. Wide range of operating temperatures including the range: from -25 ° to +70 ° C ambient temperature.

Largely thanks to ergonomic design and study in detail, the devices can be used in any application, even those that require aesthetic refinement.

Through form and function, performance and reliability, the Platinum buttons and switches are now one of the most comprehensive ranges available for industrial automation.

High degree of protection


The buttons and switches of Platinum series may be used in very extreme conditions, as in the case of applications subject to intense high pressure water cleaning or where it requires a high pressure cleaning of the machinery. All operators, in fact, have been tested with high degrees of protection: IP 66 (UL type 4X), IP67 according to IEC 60529 and DIN IP69K 40050. IP66 respectively requires that operators be tested strong jets of water from different directions and they are also IP67 protected against temporary immersion in water for thirty minutes at a metre deep. Even more staggering is the degree of protection IP69K which requires that operators are tested with powerful water jets at high pressure (100 bar at 80 ° C) from four different angles 0 °, 30 °, 60 ° and 90 °, each for at least thirty seconds.

Quick installation

The speed of installation is another distinctive feature of the Platinum buttons and switches. All operators may be fixed to the panel through a specially designed self grip seal allowing the threaded ring to be fitted at a later time. The correct mounting panel is facilitated by the tooth rotation, on all operators, which was designed for maximum resistance. In the case of mounting holes devoid of anti-rotation notch the tooth collapses inside the gasket while maintaining the maximum degree of protection. The new series also has a depth of only 43mm from the front panel to the bottom of the first contact element, the lowest currently on the market, and allows to keep a minimum distance between two operators on the panel to just 30x40mm. The fixing base, the various contact elements and the LED lamps available are snap-fit without the use of tools.



High mechanical and electrical characteristics

The entire range has been tested according to the tests required by EN 60947-5-1.
Thanks to careful planning, the range offers high mechanical durations for all operators: five million cycles for the buttons pulse, which are the type most prevalent in the market, one million cycles for switches, buttons, double and triple and three hundred thousand operations for emergency buttons.
The contact elements combine miniature size to high characteristics of electric conductivity (5V-1mA) favouring the use in any type of application.
The LED lamp, also in miniature size but allowing buttons to become visible in any environment, thanks to intense light. LED lamps are characterized by high electrical life and guards against surges, spikes and current when used in parallel to inductive loads; for protection in the presence of vibrations against the risk of flickering and against undesired switching to the currents induced on the cables.

Customizations and configurations

To respond quickly to requests from the market, the new Platinum series is designed to provide different types of customizations and configurations. It offers, for example, the possibility to choose different colours for the plugs of the operators thus differentiating the functions according to the type of application, to implement any kind of desired configuration thanks to the assembly up to nine contact elements, without distinction from NO / NC , and configure the drive (or not) of the contact centre in selectors. Among the new devices in Platinum series we draw attention to the buttons for reset pulse for mechanical operations, offering the opportunity to make a small adjustment from the front panel of the depth of the rod (1 ... 4 mm) and at the same time allow an electric drive elements contact mounted on the fixing base operator; the mushroom emergency, conforming to ISO 13850 requires that a structure with function "inviolable", typical of the versions to emergency stop are available with push-twist, and pull key, double and triple buttons, all designed to maintain a minimum distance between holes for panel mounting (30x55mm) and to preserve the high IP69K.