Phoenix Flashtrab Surge Protection



FLASHTRAB-SEC-HYBRID is the first pluggable type 1 arrester with integrated backup fuse. The new products are suitable for use in 400/690 V AC systems such as wind turbine generators. In combination with the spark gap without line follow current, you will save space and reduce costs in the control cabinet.

Surge protection for 400/690 V networks – pluggable with integrated backup fuse


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Phoenix Quint Power 4

The fourth generation QUINT POWER supplies reinforce the position of Phoenix Contact as a technology leader and sets new standards for power supplies with respect to superior system availability.

QUINT 4 Power supplies

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Phoenix Power Supplies - Less Space, More Energy Efficiency

All panel and machine builders are under pressure from their customers and their competitors to reduce their carbon footprint and use less of the world’s natural resource. One way to do this is reduce the space taken up by the control gear in their panels and use more energy efficient products.

UNO power supplies

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Phoenix Rifline Complete Relay System

Why use multiple relay ranges when you can carry out all standard relay applications using only the RIFLINE complete industrial relay system; it proves that less truly is more! It doesn’t matter whether you want to isolate, multiply or amplify signals you will only ever need the one system!

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Phoenix - Safe Energy

Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology from Phoenix Contact is the basis for durable and powerful lightning and surge protection. The revolutionary new design of spark gap safely prevents any line follow current. This protects your system, including fuses and arresters.


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Phoenix Wireless Data Communication

Wireless data communication is a winning solution both indoors and outdoors, thanks to reliable transmission, low maintenance, and increased system availability. Discover the numerous ways in which you can profit from using wireless technology with products from Phoenix Contact.

Wireless data communication


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Phoenix UNO UPS

Uninterruptible power supply with integrated power storage - save space in the control cabinet or upgrade existing systems very easily using the UNO UPS. Supply components like sensors with 1 A of current for 20 minutes even if the supply voltage fails. 

Uninterruptible power supply

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Phoenix Trio Power - Power supplies with standard functionality

The new generation of the TRIO POWER range of power supplies is ideal for use in machine building: the functions and space-saving design are tailored to the high demands in this sector. The power supply units, which feature an extremely robust electrical and mechanical design, ensure the reliable supply of all loads even under harsh ambient conditions.

Pure power

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Phoenix PSR Mini

PSRmini relays are the narrowest safety relays in the world with force-guided contacts. With a width of just 6 and 12 mm, they offer the same performance as a large safety relay. The highly compact design is possible, 

PSRmini safety relays

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Phoenix Data Connectors

Innovative connection technologies designed for a wide range of applications from data centres to industrial production and field environments.

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Phoenix TC Mobile X200 & X300

Convenient monitoring and switching – from anywhere, at anytime



Monitor analog and digital signals easily and securely via the mobile phone network and switch relays remotely.


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Phoenix Varioface System Cabling

Fast, reliable and error-free wiring


Plug it in and you're done


VARIOFACE system cabling connects the controller to the field - easy and error-free.

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Phoenix Heavy-duty plug-in connectors

With the new heavy-duty plug-in connectors made of aluminum or plastic, you always have the right connection solution for your application to hand.




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Phoenix Industrial Relays

Whether you want to isolate, multiply or amplify signals: the field of application ranges from coupling and timer relays to a replacement for small power contactors. The relay system with universal plug-in design supports quick, easy, and error-free handling.

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Phoenix Industrial PC's

PHOENIX CONTACT | Industrial PCs for every system
Specialists for every application

 Use the high-performance computer technology for your automation task and benefit from numerous advantages. Together with the right software, industrial PCs (IPCs) are efficient and versatile solutions for the operation and monitoring of systems and machines. In addition to the wide range of products, we also provide services worldwide.


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Phoenix Quint UPS-IQ

QUINT UPS-IQ- Intelligent battery control

QUINT UPS-IQ - Intelligent Battery Control


Each battery tells its own story. The QUINT UPS-IQ is ideal for any situation where battery backup is needed; mission-critical systems that require an uninterruptible power supply.


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Phoenix Cables & Wires


Are you looking for flexible assembly? With the right copper or fiber optic cable, you'll have the perfect solution for your application. Expertise in copper and fiber optics; when it comes to transmitting signals, data, and power, you'll find the right cable at Phoenix. 
Expertise in copper and fiber optics
The range of cables & wires include; 
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Phoenix Easy Automation

Programmable compact controllers from Phoenix Contact impress with their high function density at low prices. Whether Axiocontrol or Inline control, the robust and modularly assembled PLCs are especially communicative and ideal for easy application and decentral automation.

The Easy Automation compact controller system

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