Sick KTM Prime - (Mini, easy, speedy, robust)

Top performance for universal, space-saving use in the packaging industry even under harsh conditions: The new KTM prime contrast sensor from SICK features a high grayscale resolution and is integrated into a small, tried-and-tested housing that is also available in stainless steel. 

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Sick MicroScan 3 Core

MicroScan3 Core: the beginning of a new generation of safety laser scanners from SICK. The microScan3 Core reliably protects hazardous areas, accesses, and hazardous points. The innovative safeHDDM™ scan technology sets new benchmarks. It combines a compact design and a large scanning range in one device. 

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Sick PowerProx

The new standard for reliable detection with an extended sensing range can’t be measured with a conventional yard stick. With sensing ranges from 5 cm to 3.8 m, no object goes undetected by the PowerProx MultiTask photoelectric sensor.

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Sick - More than a Vision

In the real world, providing an effective solution for automatic identification requires more than just one technology. With SICK you have a choice: image-based code readers, bar code scanners, RFID, and hand-held scanners. And because intelligent questions often have more than one answer, the right choice of technology depends on the application.

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Sick PBS Universal Pressure Switch

The electronic pressure switch PBS is designed for pressure monitoring and measurement in liquid and gaseous media. It is pressure switch, transmitter and display in one and the same device. In its standard configuration it has two switching points. In addition, there are configurations available with one or two switching points and an analog output signal.         

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Sick Fluid Level Probes

The LFP Cubic is a level sensor that uses TDR technology (time domain reflectometry) and thus can be used in oil- and water-based liquids without calibration. The LFP's guided radar uses time-of-flight technology to measure electromagnetic pulses. 

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Sick Hand-Held Scanners For Both 1D & 2D Codes

Underwood’s are pleased to introduce the range of Hand-held scanners from Sick;

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Sick PAC50 Pressure Switch


For improved monitoring of air pressure, the PAC50 electronic pressure switch from SICK offers more at a glance – the large bi-color display allows you to identify from a distance if the pressure falls within the target range. Three large function keys and intuitive menu navigation make operating the PAC50 easy.

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Sick Safety Light Curtains

SICK combines its expertise and experience to design safety light curtains, multiple and single beam photoelectric safety switches that are easy to use and offer maximum performance. A versatile rangeof solutions ensures productive machine and plant operation.
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Sick Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)


Radio-based RFID technologies in the HF (high frequencey) and UHF (ultra high frequency) ranges supplement SICK's industrial automation portfolio. In applications where  process-relevant data is modified remotely, RFID makes it possible to store data on writable and rewriteable media. And, in contrast to optical solutions, RFID provides reliable identification of all objects – despite dirt and everyday wear.


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Sick Inspector Vision Sensor

Easy positioning, inspection & measurement. 

The Inspector is an intelligent vision solution in an easy-to-use sensor package. No matter if the task is to verify completeness and quality, find a part’s position or measure its dimensions, the Inspector is up to the challenge. The sensors’ rugged design and IP 67 metal housing makes them ideal for tough environments and intelligent processing technology makes the Inspector perfect for high-speed applications. 


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Sick Laser Sensors

Detection, recording, positioning, counting – optical sensors by SICK

Sensor intelligence – by using the latest ASIC and LED technologies, these sensors offer the highest level of operational reliability regardless of any conceivable interference factors. Additional sensor information can be used to simplify modern production processes.

The extensive range of photoelectric sensors is used effectively and efficiently in many automation applications around the world.

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Sick Flexi Soft

FLEXI SOFT: The new face of safety - especially for controllers. 
Modular and intuitive configuration: the Flexi Soft safety controller from SICK. The Flexi Soft concept offers a whole range of main modules, expansion modules, Motion Control modules, and gateways that can be used to create a customized, efficient solution for your safety application. It is the ideal choice for safeguarding against hazardous points in presses and laser cutting systems used in machine building applications. It is also an efficient tool in the packaging industry, which uses machines with a large number of doors and flaps that require protective measures. 


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Sick Fluid Sensors

SICK sensor solutions for industrial automation are the result of exceptional dedication and experience. From development all the way to service: The people at SICK are committed to investing all their expertise in providing with the very best sensors and system solutions possible. From the simple acquisition task to the key sensor technology in a complex production process: With every product from its broad portfolio, SICK offers a sensor solution that best combines cost effectiveness and safety.
For Level, Pressure, Temperature or Flow applications - SICK offers a wide range of solutions for process engineering, storage and protection. Depending on the installation, characteristics of the liquid or solid, and ambient conditions. SICK provides a comprehensive product portfolio and a high level of expertise for more efficient processing. 
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Sick IQ Inductive Proximity Sensors


IQ08, IQ10, IQ12 Sensors  -  Tough when it gets rough


  • Extended sensing range up to 8 mm
  • Tough VISTALTM housing
  • SICK-ASIC technology
  • 270° status display with extra-bright LED
  • Withstands high installation and tightening torque
  • Hotmelt molding
  • IP 68 enclosure rating
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